Manufacture of non- solid bills impressed by butterfly wings

Manufacture of non- solid bills impressed by butterfly wings
Researchers at Simon Fraser University in Canadian province , impressed naturally have created a video Qablchap that it's nearly not possible to forge .
Using nature as inspiration for innovative human technocratic " Tqlydzysty " is termed, during this case impressed by butterfly wings ar within the center . Morph male moths from South America as a result of the clear wings and blue - inexperienced is known .
The wings of the butterfly -like wings of the male peacock , with tangled patterns flake that move with lightweight and totally different colours Bazmytabannd . , this is often} a novel feature like fingerprint and Simon James George Frazer University researchers found that the inexperienced and blue colours can be used for Nanvaptyk .
Morph butterfly as a model for a extremely bold project Zdjl used . " Nanotech Security Corporation " in Vancouver credit certificate is issued for this technology . development that scientists have used , the approach within which variety of animals together with male Tavvs·hay color scintillating use is analogous .

Butterfly wings keep on this work with complicated Pvlkhay that produces shimmering blue and inexperienced . Captcha Scientists written on any surface , together with plastic, Khvshydy cells , cloth and paper Qablchap and conjointly place it on tablets capsules to confirm Vaqybvdn printed on this medicine .
Image written on medicine and pills don't contain dyes or pigments , and medicines can't be modified . Jlkrdn this technology is unlikely as a result of the image of the instrumentation required for reverse engineering is very troublesome and expensive . Image Khlqshdh different|the other} files created by other technologies , it's a lot of clear .
Scientists took advantage of the technology Nanvaptyk to make this image . Nanvaptyk may be accustomed print pictures while not mistreatment ink or paint . Scientists Algvbndyshdh Simon Frisian plots the butterfly wings to ascertain however they move with the incoming lightweight , were studied .
The trick is to make a synthetic nanopore arrays were accustomed turn out the similar structures of rainbows with less complicated structures . Thus, the researchers were ready to produce nanoporous billions . Their colours were adjusted by dynamical the pure mathematics of the array, the nanopore .
Scientists manner almost like the assembly of pc chips known as " nonparticulate radiation lithography " for outstanding patterns on quartz or Si nanopore used . Researchers worked on the millimicron scale , a millimicron is thousands of times smaller than even the minuscule microorganism cells .

The highlight , the second image shows the expansion of nickel from wherever it may be rapt to any substance . Lndrak aforementioned one among the scientists on the project, the foremost logical use for this technology tools Zdjlknndh on bank notes . Nanvaptyk a picture may be written on paper Andvdshdh , however several countries , together with Canada and Australia for compound plastic bank notes that go Nanvaptyk pictures ar typically received .
This bill is far quite paper money, the us and Jlkrdn them is incredibly troublesome . Since the corporate has not nevertheless development of its product , it doesn't possess any country .

source : خرید اینترنتی صابون کوسه