Curricula : Under Graduate Degree
Categorize of curricula : ปริญญาตรี
Degree title : Doctor of Medicine
Objectives :
Study the genesis, growth, development and differentiation of human body from fertilization to birth.

Requirements : Medical student
How to apply : Medical student
Duration of studies : 1 year
Number of Students : Approximately 250-300 students per year.
Details of curriculum : Part I

  • Gametogenesis and Fertilization
  • The First Week Development
  • The Second Week and Early Third Week Development
  • Differentiation of Germ Layers
  • Fetal Membrane and Placenta
  • Development of Pharyngeal Region
  • Development of Face, Nasal Cavity, Palate, Tongue, Salivary Glands and Teeths
  • Development of Cardiovascular System

Part II

  • Development of Body Cavity and Diaphragm
  • Development of Respiratory System
  • Development of Digestive System
  • Development of Urogenital System
  • Disorder of Sex Differentiation
  • Development of Nervous System
  • Development of the Eye
  • Development of the Ear
  • Development of the Skeletal System
  • Development of Muscular System
  • Development of Limbs
  • Development of Integumentary System