SiMSET Director’s Message


As a director of Siriraj Medical Simulation center for Education and Training or SiMSET. I would like to extend my deep gratitude to all you who visit to SiMSET’s website.The objectives of SiMSET are to provide 1) professional skills for medical and healthcare personnel and students, both undergraduates and postgraduates including national and international training in order to improve quality of patient care and increase patient safety. 2) training for the trainers.  
“SiMSET” consists of the head quarter is located on the 10th floor of Adulyadejvikrom building with the area of 1,600 square meters. There are 2 classrooms (40 and 80 seats), 11 simulation scenario rooms such as intensive care unit, operating theaters, emergency rooms and general wards. This center is well equipped with audiovisual, monitoring and medical equipments including various kinds of high fidelity manikins. Standardized patients are also available for training. Moreover, there are resuscitation rooms and simulated medical gas system in this area. This center is beneficial for clinical skill training in emergency situations, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, prevention and management of common or high impact medical errors including other essential skills such as decision making, communication and team management. Learning strategies emphasize learners’ active participation and reflection including trainers’ facilitation and debriefing in safe environment. These techniques promote competency assessment and preparation of learners before real patients hands-on practice which foster patient and learner safety outcome.

Nowaday, simulation training is widely accepted as a bridge between classroom and real clinical practice for medical and health professional students. Even clinicians and residents, simulation trainings help them well prepared for rare events or unexpected clinical crisis and non technical skills which are more and more relevant in medical and health professional education.

Previously, this teaching and learning strategy had been occasionally conducted in scattered departments. Now, all kinds of medical simulators include cadavers, electronic high fidelity manikins, low fidelity manikins, part task, standardized patients and simulated computer program are gathered and strategically managed under the umbrella of SiMSET.

Other related center includes; SiTEC (Siriraj Training and Education Center for Clinical Skills) is located on the 4th   floor of Srisavarindhira building. This center serves advanced procedural and surgical skill training with cadavers for residency programs, national and international training.