The Lower Mekong Initiative Young Scientist Exchange Program

The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of East Asia Pacific Affairs (EAP) announces an open competition for an environmental award of up to $395,000 to support a regional education project in the Lower Mekong countries of Southeast Asia. Under the Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI), the EAP Office of Multilateral Affairs and the EAP Office Public Diplomacy work together to support the strengthening of institutional linkage for cooperation among LMI countries under the Education Pillar. Guided by the specific objectives from the LMI 2016-2020 Master Plan of Action, this project proposes to establish a Young Scientist Exchange Program where young scientists (ages 18-35) from LMI partner countries are offered research opportunities and engage in exchange programs with participating institutes/research centers on issues deemed challenges for the region.

Proposed project activities must involve all of the following countries: Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Burma.

Background Scientific knowledge, technology and innovation are keys to region’s prosperity and help bridge development gaps, alleviate poverty, and provide alternative paths for sustainable development. Creating opportunities and environments for young people to foster deeper knowledge will encourage the creation of new ideas and innovations that are essential for the region. The Young Scientist Exchange Program will support youth and young professionals (ages 18-35) for the 21st century workplace by creating opportunities for collaboration among young scientists from LMI member countries via exchange programs and joint research and workshop/symposiums to share scientific knowledge, ideas and experience.

Objective: To foster collaboration and the sharing of knowledge on science and technology best practices as well as research ideas among young scientists in LMI member countries.

For further information and application, please contact: